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Why I’m Raising Your Next School Shooters

By Teresa G. D’vall While the country heaves a collective sigh of grief over the Parkland tragedy in Florida, know this: School shooters are created over a lifetime, not in a single instance. As a survivor of domestic violence and … Continue reading

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Suicide by Default

By Teresa G. D’vall This is a story about the time depression killed my mother and not one you should read if you’re in a good mood. Chances are, you’re not aware that suicide can be committed by neglect. … Continue reading

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How I Manage My 157 Hour Work Week

    By Teresa G. D’vall Dear Absent Parent, Raising six children means that nothing is ever quiet, clean, or routine. We always need milk, the lemonade pitcher empties in minutes and a box of cereal only lasts 3 days … Continue reading

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Dad’s Greatest Gift was Free

Teresa G. D’vall My dad taught me many things, but the lesson I remember most is the one about the value of a good home. I knew we didn’t live in the best part of town, but I never thought … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Moment

Teresa G. D’vall Uncle Wiggly is a board game introduced by Milton Bradley in 1916 and themed around a rabbit who does a lot of hopping through the forest for reasons I no longer recall. My mother played it with … Continue reading

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How I Almost Became A Convicted Felon

By Teresa G. D’vall Few women would be brave enough to leave an abusive marriage with six children and no source of income, but I did. There were some days that my husband was not a mean bully, but not … Continue reading

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