Murder by Mail: How It Could Happen to You

By Teresa G. D’vallnarcissists (1)

138 days ago, a convicted domestic abuser walked into NY State Court and kidnapped two children by committing perjury.

The mother was forced to endure a trial, pro se, against an accomplished attorney, and exonerated herself. Supreme Court Justice Klein ruled her testimony credible and that of her accuser, not credible.

Yet, the children were not returned that day.

There is a loophole that exists in custody law that should terrify anyone with offspring.

If you are divorced in one state, but reside in another, neither place can stop an ex spouse from stealing your children.

Simply put, you can lie in one state & by the time the other state figures out that you’ve lied, it’s too late.

Since June of 2018, I have filed five orders to show cause in two states, appeared in NY court four times, NJ court six times, called the police in both places almost weekly and faxed Judge Amirata’s Chambers more times than I care to recall.

I received a phone call at work today from the NJ judge’s law clerk.

A decision has been made in my case and he wanted to confirm my address.

The mail is going to tell me if a convicted domestic abuser has managed to keep my children forever.

After 5 1/2 years of fighting to stay alive, it has come down to this.

I am going to be murdered this week, and the court system is my killer’s accomplice.


About Teresa G. D'vall

(Not An Award Winning) Author. Compulsive bragger. War winner. Believes in filling the half empty glass with lemonade. Lazy.
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