Don’t Pursue Happiness – Create It is live on Kindle October 14, 2014

Don’t Pursue Happiness – Create it
Authored by Teresa G. D’vall

List Price: $4.99
BISAC: Self-Help / General

Don’t be a person who searches for happiness; be one that finds it. Or not. It doesn’t matter to me.
I didn’t write these stories for you; reader I will never know, but I truly believe we should all discover what makes us happy and do it.

For readers I do know, be warned, if we’ve talked over the last year, you’re probably mentioned somewhere in this book.

Read these stories in any order you want; or don’t. I really won’t care. I only published them so my kids would stop nagging me.

This a book about nothing; written over the course of a year that changed everything.

I suppose I should insert a clever phrase here at the end so you’ll read more…

If you want something, go get it. I did.

About Teresa G. D'vall

(Not An Award Winning) Author. Compulsive bragger. War winner. Believes in filling the half empty glass with lemonade. Lazy.
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